¿Qué hacer después de aplicarse la mascarilla Sayako Cosmetics?

What is the next step after applying the mask?

Face masks are one of the most popular cosmetic products in recent years due to their ability to improve skin care. However, to enjoy all the benefits offered by this type of product, it is necessary to know what is applied to the face after a mask. This is the way to guarantee the care and correct protection of facial skin.

In general terms, the application of the different types of facial masks is carried out with the aim of hydrating, nourishing and exfoliate facial skin. It is a skin care process that you must carry out periodically to counteract the negative effects of external elements, weather and makeup.

To do this, it is essential to follow a series of previous steps that allow the face mask achieve its goal. In addition, when removing the mask it is necessary to take into account a set of steps to follow to guarantee the effectiveness of the facial treatment and offer the best protection to the skin.

How should I remove the facial mask?

Before knowing what is applied to the face after mask, you need to know how to properly remove this facial treatment. You must not forget that facial care is a task that is carried out together.

On the contrary, the best facial care techniques are characterized by being part of a large process that includes multiple steps that you must go on. An example of this is the Korean methods for facial skin care, which in recent years have gained popularity due to their effective aesthetic results.

Do not wash the face when removing the mask

Unlike other facial treatments, hydrogel masks have a particular method of application. Specifically, this type of maskshould not be removed with water. Also, you should not wash your face after removing the mask.

The reason for this is that the hydrogel mask serum should remain as long as possible. On the contrary, rinsing the face after the mask prevents the active ingredients of the facial treatment from penetrating properly into the skin and offering all their moisturizing and repairing benefits.

In fact, one of The most important recommendations that you must take into account to guarantee greater absorption of the serum in the mask is to massage your face. You should carry out a few small massages on your skin and gently tap in order to promote the absorption of the remaining essence of the mask into the facial skin.

It is important to note that the Massages on the skin of the face, while the facial treatment is removed, is a process that promotes blood circulation and contributes to the health of the skin. These are highly relevant data that you should know before knowing what is applied to the face after a mask.

Seal the skin with moisturizing cream after the mask

It is very common to ask what is applied to the face after a mask, since on the Internet it is possible to find a great diversity of advice that does not always correspond to the reality. Also, for many people, the application of moisturizing cream often seems like a redundant task due to the high content of moisturizing substances that hydrogel masks have.

Despite this, the answer to the big question of 'what is applied to the face after a mask', the answer is moisturizer, and the explanation for it is very simple. Facial masks are treatments that have been specially created with the aim of efficiently penetrating the skin and offering the face all the active ingredients it needs. However, after removal, it is necessary to keep the various active ingredients of these facials within the skin. Therefore, in order to prevent water loss and in turn, seal the active ingredients of the masks, you must create a small barrier on the skin.

The moisturizing cream fulfills the role of this physical barrier that will allow you to take full advantage of the healing properties of masks. In this way, you will be able to obtain better results and optimise the care of facial skin.

There are various types of facial masks with ingredients that tend to vary depending on the objectives that are they chase For example, moisturising masks they are one of the most common facials on the market. Likewise, there are antioxidant masks with specially selected ingredients to combat the effects of free radicals on the skin.