Cosmética Cruelty Free. Que Es Realmente?

Cruelty Free cosmetics. What is it Really?

The Cruelty Free Cosmetics includes all those products that throughout all their development phases did not undergo any type of testing on animals. As their name indicates, these products refer to the fact that they are formulated under strict rules "free of animal abuse." This does not mean that these types of products are vegan or natural, although they are usually be, but it is not necessarily exclusive.

It is important to mention that the responsibility of offering a product of this type does not only fall on the brand that markets the product, but it must also be guaranteed that no ingredient used in neither the cosmetic nor any outsourced company that performs part of the process tests on animals.

It often happens that in some country the firm that produces and markets the product does not test on animals, but it is part of a larger company that contains other brands that do. One of the best known cases is that of China, a country that requires cosmetics companies to carry out tests on animals. In this way, any brand that has worldwide recognized cruelty-free certifications will have to lose them if it wishes to enter the Chinese cosmetics market. It is for this reason that our brand has no intention of expanding its market towards that country.

Associations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) assure that procedures in which products are tested on animals are currently totally unnecessary, mainly for two fundamental reasons. One of them is that today we can count on many other alternatives that allow us to know the effects of a certain ingredient in human beings without having to resort to animal cruelty, such as synthetic fur or different new technologies. Another reason that invalidates the need to resort to animal cruelty is that most of the ingredients that are used today in the market have already been tested countless times and their effects are already registered and documented. Even so, there are currently still countless brands that choose to test on animals in order to ensure the final efficacy of their products.

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