Nuevas Formas de Cuidar tu Cuerpo

New Ways to Take Care of Your Body

Natural, vegan, ecological, bio, cruelty free and sustainable cosmetics

A Over the last few years, it is indisputable to assume that the world has been leaning towards a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. It is almost unimaginable to think of using cosmetics tested on animals and, increasingly, the consumer demands ingredients of natural origin in their products.

This opens up a new world regarding cosmetics, in where we can find different horizons that try to cover the demands of each consumer: bio cosmetics, cruelty free, certified organic, natural, vegan, etc. Keep reading this article to understand the basic principles of each of them and not die trying.

It is necessary to mention that our product philosophy is based on finding the perfect balance between science and nature, while being respectful of human beings and the environment.

It is mainly necessary to point out and highlight some of the advantages that the use of any of These types of cosmetics that we are going to mention below offer us, both to human beings as well as to animals and the environment:

  • < strong>Environmental care: The production of cosmetics is increasingly moving away from large polluting industries and is committed to maintaining a balance and respect for the environment. Its main objective is to avoid the use of petroleum-derived compounds that can be harmful both to us and to nature.
  • Respectful of our skin: Perhaps one of the biggest and most important advantages of natural, organic, vegan cosmetics, etc. be that of having the ability to respect our body's skin barrier and minimize the chances of having side effects or producing any type of allergy and irritation.
  • Efficacy: The natural products used guarantee a higher concentration of active ingredients in its composition, which translates into a great advantage when noticing the expected results.
  • Responsible consumption: This type of cosmetic is the best option if what you are looking for is a philosophy in keeping with the present moment, where you seek to be respectful of the environment and everything that lives in it.< /li>

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